Exonn Biosciences (EB) is an incubatee in TICEL BIOPARK Ltd., with field expertise in molecular biology, clinical genetics, medicine and information technology. Exonn is a research and manufacturing organization, which supports R&D programs in assay development in biology and augmented reality platforms in educations.
Our highly experienced scientific and project management teams ensure:
• Timely execution of projects
• Cost-effectiveness and quality of the projects
Exonn Biosciences have access to the state-of-the-art research facilities with World class laboratory standards with BSL2 upgradeable to BSL3. We have successfully offered our services to academics and industries. Exonn Biosciences has a strong framework with a focus on client satisfaction, quality, safety, ethics and integrity. Our ability to deliver significant value to our customers by leveraging our expertise, global standard and India’s cost competitiveness differentiates us as one of the most preferred partners.

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